Simple. Fresh.


Produce brands are over-complicating good, fresh fruits and veggies. We re-branded because we wanted our logo to reflect exactly what we do: we just grow natural, great tasting produce!

Our products are grown in a controlled, greenhouse environment which means we can keep them free of any harmful chemicals. So when you see the new Lakeside logo full of fruits and veggies, you can rest assured that you’re getting exactly that - natural fruits and veggies. No genetic modifications, and no pesticides.

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Better yet, you’ll know that you’re buying sustainable produce. Pollinating our crops with bees and recycling our crop water are just some of the ways we help diminish our carbon footprint.

So when you see the new Lakeside logo, you’ll know that we’re continuing to progress, but we’re still the same family-owned farm that’s been feeding North America for over 75 years.